Stock Up on Smiles and Memories When You Stock Your Pantry (Housewarming)

Need an excuse to get friends and family together? Celebrate your home in small pieces, maybe you haven’t just moved in, but you are rarely home and don’t have much in the kitchen pantry.  Or you think of cooking as three minutes in the microwave or opening a bag of chips and a jar of dip, (my favorite dinner is often chip and dip!)  This is a golden opportunity to branch out, explore the fun of cooking and master just a handful of basics that can get you through any party and leave your company glad they came.

Stock Pantry Party, How to Hold a Stock Your Pantry Party No one likes to show up at a party empty handed and this is an easy way to get guests to bring what you need and want, while you share the welcome of your home and hospitality. Throw this bash to get your pantry stocked, yes you can include kitchen equipment in this and invite friends to make it a potluck event by bringing their favorite dish, the recipe and a couple of key ingredients to give you a head start on a kitchen that is ready for entertaining and day to day cooking.

Create a master list of pantry stockers desired or even register if you are including kitchen appliances like blenders, toasters, and food processors. Let everyone know what you are into, whether it is a pantry full of bottled water, chips and dip or you are a bit more of a cook and want great exotic spices, tins of imported specialty foods, and international flavors. Sure flour and sugar are necessary staples, but I bet you can get more creative.

On appliances and kitchen tools, think hard about what you want and what you’ll use (or what a friend might ask to use when they come by to help you pull it all together.)  Sure some are almost required like the blender and even a toaster still, but what about a divine bread maker, the latest ergonomic palm held peeler, a butterfly trash can by Simply Human, or a classic wine rack. You can even suggest gift cards from favorite big box retail kitchen good stores like Bed Bath Beyond, Williams Sonoma, and Crate and Barrel.

Stock Pantry Party, How to Hold a Stock Your Pantry Party

The point is to leverage your kitchen as the heart and hearth of your home. More often than not these days, when we head to a friend’s home we wind up congregating in the kitchen where conversation and culinary delights are cooked up with good cheer. You don’t have to be a cook, good or otherwise, to pull this off. The key is in being willing to open yourself up to the creativity and generosity of your friends and family to get your kitchen from that empty place and microwave way station to a well stocked and ready to entertain and nourish kind of place.

Celebrate your home with a stock the pantry party! And when you want more great ways to celebrate every day, head on over to


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